May 2010

The Next Challenge is Upon Us

Ok, so I've committed to the next 30-day blog challenge. This time it's conducted/hosted/facilitated by Dr. Jeanette Cates.  This challenge is starting in less than one month (!!!) after the one by Connie Ragen Green ended. I think some of the Fab 50 (completers of the last challenge) are now strategizing how to complete the [...]

Mobile posting options

I got one of the new Android phones. I feel like Android is such a big step up from the Windoze Mobile phone I have. But the really cool thing is this free Wordpress app for Android. Its allowing me to make this post from my phone... I admit I wrote the above back in [...]

Product Inspiration: Everything You Need to Know About Your Niche

Here's a product idea for you.  Create an "Everything You Need to Know About..." for you niche. Think about everything someone would want to know about your topic, field, process, strategy, technique, situation, problem, etc. On I found the following: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two Everything [...]

5 Free Screen Recording Sites to Make Your YouTube Videos

I want to share with you five FREE screen recording sites that let you record video of your screen and upload to YouTube.  You might want to convert some of your blog posts or articles to video or create a presentation on  your topic. You might even want to add short videos to a long [...]

Organizing Your Content Graphically

When creating your product and it seems to be getting a little text-heavy, think about how you can use graphic organizers to make sense out the content you are writing.  This does not mean making your text upside down or into funny shapes or swirling figures (although in some cases this can work out well!). [...]

What I’ve Accomplished in the Last 30 Days

I have completed Connie Ragen Green's 30-day Blogging Challenge.  One of my challenge mates, Terrie Wurzbacher has suggested we compile a list of lessons learned.  I discussed in a previous post some of the benefits of the blogging challenge.  Today I want to list out what I've accomplished. First, I setup a Facebook page and [...]

Make Yourself a Resource

Do you have a Resources page on your blog?  I'm sure you have a collection of your favorite sites, and it probably took you a very long time to collect them all. If you take a look through your bookmarks you will probably have a few that are related to the topic of your blog. If [...]

We’re In the Home Stretch!

I really can't believe its been almost 30 days since I started Connie Ragen Green's 30-Day Blogging Challenge (#blog30 on Twitter). It's really amazing how time passes right before your eyes. It feels like its still mid-April when the challenge started. The reason for writing so many posts wasn't just to have a lot of [...]

Your Blog Can Help Make Space in Your Brain

I had thought of a topic to write about today. I had some ideas about it, but I figured I'd "remember" it later so I didn't write it down.  However, between eating dinner (Mango Chicken and Roti Canai) and just being too excited about taking my first class class with Connie Ragen Green, it just [...]

Product Inspiration: From A to Z for Your Niche

Here's an idea for your next info product.  Why not create an "A to Z" product.   You start with the letter A and think of a tip  that starts with "A". Then you  think of a tip that starts with a "B" and so on through the letter Z. You might have to get a [...]