Goodbye 2013, Hurry Up 2014!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Boy, I can’t wait until 2014 gets here (13 hours and 15 minutes from now).  I have so much exciting stuff planned, but it all seems to hinge on Jan 2, 2014 (because Jan 1 is a holiday).  Oh well, I guess I can wait.  I won’t even throw out the old 2014 New Year’s Resolution of “blogging more” because it hasn’t happened in the past so I need to make a change.

I have learned so much in December that has given me plenty of motivation and new areas to explore – get this, I’m even learning how to BUDGET.  Wow.  Apparently there is a big different between having a budget and knowing how to budget.  I’ve even discovered Evernote.  Well, I’ve had Evernote installed since 2010, but I just didn’t get it.  But in the past 8 days I committed to understanding what the hubaloo is about and I have discovered quite a few ways to use it and I use it ALL THE TIME now. Evernote :)  December was packed with so many learning opportunities for me because I decided to turn off the old stuff and start fresh with an open mind.  I can only imagine what I’ll be getting into in 2014.

With that said, I’m not really making any resolutions for 2014 because in all the decades of my life so far I never kept  many of them (I did keep the “eat a new vegetable” resolution for the 2 years I had it and I kept the “wear more hats” resolution that one year) – instead I’m focused on goals…and my first goal is to write down my goals in Evernote!

Have a great year everyone and I *plan* to post more (no promises) :)

Team Eurie Racing: Oh, the Cutest Race Car Driver…EVER

Ok, this has nothing whatsoever to do with getting digi-pubbed, ebooks, Kindle or anything.  I just want to brag about a friend of mine from…  think probably ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (I can’t even remember back that long).

His son Eurie loves, loves, loves cars just like his dad. And now he’s getting started in Jr. Dragster Racing.  I can’t say that I knew much about Jr. Dragster Racing. But I love cars myself and any mini-car running fast is definitely going to get my attention!

Eurie McGlothen is the cutest race car driver ever – his team is called Team Eurie Racing and it’s ADORABLE! Read all about Eurie and his passion here in Team Eurie’s story.

eurie and car

Kindle Worlds is Here! It’s Here! Fan Fiction Authors, It’s Here!

Amazon just announced a new its brand spanking new publishing platform called Kindle Worlds.  With this service YOU can write fan fiction about some of your favorite characters – ones you didn’t create, but you feel deserve a great new story or adventure.

With Kindle Worlds you are able to create new novels, novellas and short stories that are inspired by your favorite books, movies, comics, TV shows and even music.

But I’m sure you’re wondering how all of this is possible? We can’t just use characters created by other people….can we?   Well, typically no.  However Amazon has secured licensing for YOU to use the characters (aren’t they just fab?).    Each licensor will provide guidelines for you to use their “worlds” and you gotta follow those guidelines.

It gets better. Amazon pays all royalties to the owners of the characters and to you.  A couple of things you might want to think about though:  1)  Your titles will be published by Amazon Publishing and 2) Amazon will acquire all rights to your story for the term of the copyright. You will own the copyright to all the original elements of your story (so don’t worry about that), however the licensor will retain all the rights to their World. And that is very fair! Everyone maintains rights to what they bring to the table. The trick is that the community built around the world gets an opportunity to build off any new characters you create in the world.

So this may not be for you if you want exclusive rights to your story and don’t want anyone using your characters. I however see it as a wonderful opportunity especially for new authors wanting to get their name out in the world. I suggest you read the details that Amazon has outlined very carefully.

The Kindle Worlds store opens in June!

New Feature That I Hope Will Inspire You

As I begin to revamp my blog, I thought of ways that I can hopefully inspire all of you who are thinking about creating Kindle books, but are teetering on the edge of making the full leap.

I’m going to share the stories of Kindle authors who decided that they were ready to jump in and publish their first Kindle books!  I hope these authors will give you a little motivation or that final kick/push/nudge you need to break open your KDP account and upload your book.

Visit the Authors page if you would like to share your story about creating your first Kindle book. I would love to add your story to my collection :)

It’s Been Busy the Past Few Days

So, what have I been up to for the past few days?  In case you have been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for my next blog post (c’mon and humor me, please) I just wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve been doing – and, if you’re a marketing misfit like me, you might need to do before, during or after you create your Kindle children’s book!

I’ve been getting the official site for Gift of the Moon set up and I’m happy to say, you can find it here:

I have also been trying to keep up with posting daily to my new (my very first) Facebook Fan Page Gwen Tanner Children’s Books. Please visit and let me know what you think – go ahead and “like” it if you like the types of posts I make there.

I have also been picking the brain of my very good friend Melanie Kissell who is social media marketing genius (hi Melanie!) and she’s given me so many good resources and tips about marketing Gift of the Moon.  With some encouragement from Melanie, I’ve finally set up some Pinterest boards and my next project on Pinterest is to create a board of my “ideal customer.”   ( it’s a kid, right?)

And finally, I started a whole NEW YouTube channel because there wasn’t much going on with the old one. Honestly, there isn’t much going on with the new one either, but I wasn’t able to change the user name of it – so now I got two of ‘em!

Oh, and because of the disaster with the YouTube channels, I ALSO now have a Google+ account – by accident.

Ooooh and one more thing I’ve been working on for this site –  a welcome video.  So you can expect that soon.

Anyway, all of this to tell you that once you get your children’s book up and published to Kindle, that is when the work start. If you’re smart you will start marketing the day you get the idea in your head “I think I want to write a children’s book.”

Write 7 Kindle Children’s Book This Week

Yes, there is a challenge among us and it is called NaPiBoWriWee.  That is National Picture Book Writing Week!    Here is your chance to work with a group of writers who will keep you motivated to write a  book a day for 7 days.

The dates: May 1 – May 7, 2013

The place: Your desk (oh, and – the official site)

The goal: Write 7 picture books in 7 days

If you haven’t started as of right this minute, right now, today, dont worry!  Write 6 books. If you start tomorrow write 5.  Just get your kindle children’s book written and up for sale!

Do I Need an ISBN for Kindle?

The short answer is no, you do not need an ISBN for publishing on Kindle.  Instead you will get a very special number assigned by Amazon called an ASIN.  This number will be unique to your book. You can however add an ISBN number when you upload your book if you have one.


Let’s say you want to have a print version of your book as well, perhaps through Amazon’s CreateSpace program. In this case you will need to have an ISBN for the print book, but it must be different than the ISBN for your Kindle book, if you choose to use one. The ISBN for your print book will allow it to be identified by bookstores, libraries, etc.

If you do want to purchase an ISBN, visit

Hint: If you ever plan on publishing at least two books (or even a translated version of your book), get the 10 pack deal!